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New Homes

We're in the business of providing comfort, quality, space and exceptional design with unique, fresh and innovative solutions that enhance the lives of our customers. We specialize in high end, top quality construction and renovations, from restoring existing homes to building a modern dream home. City Line Construction proudly serves clients in or around Edmonton. If you're looking for the best, professional job at an affordable price, City line Construction Ltd is the company for all your construction and renovation needs. City Line Construction is a supporter of sustainable environmental practices. We regularly use energy efficient appliances, windows and lighting, as well as sustainable, local resources whenever possible. Many conscientious homeowners are now opting for healthier home improvement options, lower utility bills and reduced maintenance, all of which contribute to a cleaner planet. A home renovation is the perfect opportunity for you to improve your living environment as well as have a positive environmental impact on the entire community. Best of all, “renovating green” can be more cost-effective AND result in higher quality home improvement We understand your need for a professional, trustworthy, creative and knowledgeable team to help you create your dream home. When building green, it’s important to plan ahead and plan early. Its generally easier and less expensive to incorporate green materials and concepts during the early stages of the project.